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My 420 Tours is at the forefront of cannabis tourism, offering visitors a glimpse into the cutting-edge world of cannabis legalization and marijuana news in Colorado and beyond.

We have been veterans in the cannabis community since the very beginning

We have been here since the beginning. We have embraced the boom, the regulations, and the acceptance of cannabis in our community. We understand how lucky we are to live in a state that not only supports our business, but fosters the Cannabis Industry as a whole.

Learn. Experience. Connect.

Since 2013, My 420 Tours has trail blazed the cannabis travel landscape. In the early days here in the legalization epicenter of Denver, CO, our first creation was a fantasy-come-true vacation package. We sent our guests deep into the budding reality of large scale grow ops and recreational dispensaries with huge variety. They stayed for two nights at a lavish 420-friendly hotel room, equipped with a complimentary smoking/vaping devices.The trip finished off with sightseeing excursions to Red Rocks Amphitheatre and VIP access to some of Denver’s best nightlife. It was official — we became North America’s first legal marijuana vacation company.

My 420 Tours Today
The scene has exploded since that first vacation package in 2013. My 420 Tours now presents nine cannabis friendly accommodations spanning from the heart of Downtown Denver east to the airport and west to the Rocky Mountain High Country. We’ve fine-tuned ten ultimate experiences that bring together strain sommeliers, high-profile chefs, cicerones who know their craft beer, artisanal chocolatiers and industry entrepreneurs all in one place.

Adults ranging from first-timers to longtime tokers are invited on a journey of luxury immersion into an elevated lifestyle. Our experiences are always curated by a top notch cannabis concierge, led by an expert cannabis guide and accompanied by a personal driver.

  • All-inclusive 420 vacations including a stay in a select 420-friendly hotel complete with smoking/vaping devices and the freedom to vape in the comfort of their hotel room or blaze a joint, rip a bong, or light up a pipe in the outdoor smoking area. Guests are treated to VIP insider access to the cultivation and business side of cannabis.
  • Mind-blowing grow and dispensary tours on board a cannabis-friendly party bus that heads to large scale grow operations and the most discerning retail outlets for recreational weed. Get on board the cannabus for a group departure or arrange a private event.
  • Specialty cannabis experiences that elevate urban culture with cannabis, such as infused cooking classes, sushi and joint rolling dinners, concentrates classes, infused massages, and “Budz and Sudz” craft weed and beer tours.

Connecting the Cannabis Community
My 420 Tours celebrates the natural properties of a widely misunderstood plant and the ever-growing movement to bring it to light. We’re at the forefront of cannabis travel, offering visitors a glimpse into the cutting-edge world of legalization in Colorado and beyond. We understand how lucky we are to live in a state that not only supports our business, but fosters the cannabis industry as a whole.

Our vision is to connect the cannabis community worldwide through educational and authentic cannabis experiences. We aim to dispel shame and replace it with a sense of acceptance, sky-high standards, knowledge and pride. With classes and tours starting at only $29 per person there is truly something for everyone.

Join Us for World Cannabis Week
My 420 Tours is currently planning the 5th annual World Cannabis Week (presented by Buddy Boy Brands) with our FREE citywide events to celebrate cannabis culture during the infamously weed-centric week of 4/20 (April 20th). We’re partnering with the very best of Colorado Cannabis Brands to make 4/20 bigger and better than ever, while The High Times Cannabis Cup uproots itself and moves further West.

“We are cultivators of cannabis culture,” says Danny Schaefer, CEO of My 420 Tours. “There is no better way to give back to this amazing community other than by creating a plethora of dynamic, FREE, connecting, cannabis-driven events in their honor.” We invite you all to join My 420 Tours in Colorado this year and become a part of the 420 family. Check out www.My420Tours and and get ready to become a part of cannabis history!

What We Do

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Traveler Testimonial

“My 420 Tours is taking the Cannabis Tourism concept to the next level. Only the finest hotels, rooms, food and more. Everything was coordinated and planned to the T. I was very impressed that a Cannabis Tour company was so well run. Kudos to Mr. Walker and his incredible staff. All of my travel needs were completely taken care of before and after the trip.”

Craig, Houston TX
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Traveler Testimonial

“This past Saturday, I went on a “tour.” Honestly I never had so much fun in my life. I was lucky enough to meet some of the nicest people… including our tour guides.”

Kenneth, West Virgina
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Traveler Testimonial

“Just wanted to take a minute to send massive thanks to you and Robert from me and Mom for the most excellent weed weekend! We had such a great time on our visit to Colorado! You guys will forever be our favorite weed teachers on the most enlightening adventure we’ve ever taken.”

Katie, New York
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Traveler Testimonial

“I thought that the 420 tour was one of kind. It was educational, fun, and exciting. I met a lot of really nice people and each of the events were peaceful and awesome. Definitely recommend for the experience.”

Vinny, Florida
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Traveler Testimonial

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience on my WCW tour weekend. The staff made my first trip to Colorado one that I’ll never forget in all my years. Everyone was really nice and extremely helpful and accommodating. I will make it a point to make all my future Colorado trips centered around My 420 Tours. This is the single best way to experience 420 fun in Colorado!!!”

Tabby, North Carolina
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