My 420 Tours is an exclusive cannabis vacation experience offered in Colorado! We want to give you 5 reasons why My 420 Tours is your next vacation destination:

1. Experience the All Inclusive Cannabis Sampler Tour

You can enjoy a all inclusive cannabis sampler tour in the Mile High City of Denver CO! The Tour includes a look into the legal cannabis industry, endless cannabis samples, 420 classes and work shops, 420 happy hours, and much more!

2. Single Day Cannabis Tours and Work Shops

Experience the Colorado cannabis lifestyle with My 420 Tour’s Single Day Tours! The 1 Day Tours explore dispensary and industrial grow facilities & weed sommelier tours.

3. Luxury Transportation & Hotel Stay

My 420 Tours works with Colorado’s best 420 Friendly Hotels! Enjoy cannabis in your hotel room and feel relaxed during transportation.

4. Learn How to Cook with Cannabis 

Every cannabis class includes:

  • 2 1/2 hour hands-on cooking class focused on making cannabis oils and extracts and turning good food into amazing gourmet infused treats.
  • Attendees get the opportunity to make and eat 3-gourmet organic cannabis infused treats. You get to take home your cannabis infused treats!

5. Get a Insider look on the Colorado Cannabis Industry  Grow and Dispensary Tours are an exciting part of the trip with My 420 Tours, complete with transportation and cannabis samples. My 420 Tours will show you through the dispensaries, talking in detail about product and strains. My 420 Tours is the complete cannabis vacation experience! Book a tour on www.my420tours.com

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