My 420 Tours in the Los Angeles Times – Exploring Colorado’s cannabis tourism scene in Denver

By ROSEMARY MCCLURE  | The Los Angeles Times

…Enter My 420 Tours, one of a handful of companies in the city getting in on the pot industry by offering a variety of tours, classes and  vacation packages. (My 420, pronounced “four-twenty,” is named for April 20, a date that celebrates marijuana smoking. The origin of the term 4-20 is the subject of much discussion, although it most certainly pertains to pot consumption.)

In any case, you can get a two-and-a-half-hour, behind-the-scenes tour of a dispensary and a production facility ($49), take a two-hour cooking class where you’ll learn how to “roll authentic sushi and perfect joints”  ($69) or invest in a three-day immersive weekend vacation, including pot-friendly hotel accommodations ($1,295).

“With our tours, visitors get to see the latest the industry has to offer,” said Danny Schaefer, My 420 Tours chief executive. “We also offer a safer and better experience for consumers.”Schaefer estimates he serves more than 300 clients a week; almost two-thirds are seeking hotel reservations.But finding a place to stay can be troublesome for tourists; laws prohibit using cannabis in a public area, and most hotels prohibit smoking in rooms. With our tours, visitors get to see the latest the industry has to offer— Danny Schaefer

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