Cooking with cannabis is a complex art that requires pairing specific cannabis strains from expert growers and the fusion of flavors by professional chefs. In this incr(edible) article, The Guardian covers My 420 Tours’ Cannabis Cooking Class, highlighting the educational and fun culinary adventure had by a variety of unsuspecting guests like the mother and daughter from New York who bonded over their cannabis culinary delights.

The art of cannabis and cuisine

Of course, educational cannabis experiences like the Cannabis Cooking Class are made possible with the collaboration of cannabis chefs like Jessica Catalano, cannabis event planners like Philip Wolf of Cultivating Spirits, and cannabis suppliers like Nick Brown. The My 420 Tours’ Cannabis Cooking Class is an incredible way for tourists and locals alike to learn about the art of cooking with cannabis, but it is also an awesome demonstration of what the pioneers of the Colorado Cannabis Industry are capable of accomplishing together. Better yet, with legalized cannabis in Colorado, the cannabis friendly experiences and accommodations are unlimited and all of them are worth exploring.

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