This holiday season, our own JJ Walker met with the crew at CannaPod Weekly to talk all things 420. The high podcast team was thrilled to have JJ on the show as a 420 topic expert.

The group covers everything from state of 4/20 this year — three years into legalized recreational weed in Colorado — to the history of My 420 Tours and how it came to be.

Listen to the full 420 podcast here. It’s full of laughs and good insights. Or, if audio isn’t your thing, here are a few highlights from the show.


  • On Denver as a 420 headquarters: Denver is “the epicenter of the end of cannabis prohibition for the country.”
  • On how JJ got into the cannabis industry: “I was born in Colorado.”
  • On the beginnings of World Cannabis Week: In Mar 2013, World Cannabis Week launched, sold out the first tour to 4/20 in Denver. They booked 100 rooms, found buses to transport people from one 4/20 event to the next, and sold out of the package tours within weeks. What was that first World Cannabis Week like for JJ?  “That five days was one of the most crazy stressful five days of my life.”
  • On the beginnings of My 420 Tours: In January 2014, My 420 Tours opens up its doors to its first tours, after spending months after the inaugural World Cannabis Week in 2013 searching for a suitable insurance policy
  • On being an ancillary business rather than selling cannabis product: “It’s about being progressive. I’m really passionate about growth and change and really fighting the boundaries. As marijuana legalizes, there’s going to be more and more experiences and ways that people come together to use it.”
  • On breaking into the industry: “Take what your skills are in the real world, and think about how you can apply them to this new  industry that needs so much help in so many different areas.”

420 Podcast


Debunked 420 Myths:

  • 420 is the police code for someone smoking weed
  • There are 420 different strains of weed in California
  • April 20th is the best time of year to start growing weed
  • The number of a bill in the U.S. Congress to legalize weed
  • It’s the Bob Dylan song Rainy Day Woman #12 and #35 because 12 x 35 = 420
  • It’s tea time in Holland

Darker 420 events:

  • Adolf Hitler’s birthday
  • Columbine High School massacre

The real story

  • When: 1971
  • Where: San Rafael High School in California
  • Who: a group of students who started calling themselves “the Waldos” because they smoked out at the wall. One knew the Grateful Dead bassist, who helped popularize the language. Today it’s something almost universally recognized as code for marijuana.


  • On the concept: The idea is that it’s a citywide experience, like Austin’s SXSW.
  • On where it’s going: “We’re seeing some corporate sponsorships coming through.” Redbull in on board. In the future, why wouldn’t corporations like Netflix want in?
  • On whether our tourism and events model is under threat as recreational becomes legal in more states: “No. As more states legalize, there will only be more kinds of experiences in more places. Here in Colorado, we’re at the forefront of it all. We are the leading edge of legal mairjuana”. This is becoming part of our state’s heritage.

RUBY RED EYE REVIEW: 420 Survival Kit

420 Survival Guide

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