Whether you are from Colorado or planning a visit, Red Rocks is a must-see. Famed for it’s unique concert-going experience and the famous acts that have performed there, it encapsulates the beauty of music, nature, and community. Whether you’re hoping to catch a concert, Film on the Rocks, or want to hike the trails around it, there are major benefits to taking 420 friendly transportation.


4. Getting there might be confusing (especially if you’re stoned)

If your visiting Denver and your plane just landed at Denver International Airport, you may not know that Red Rocks is a solid 60 minutes away, or that mass transit options don’t go there. While a lot of Denver tourist information is available online and at the airport, you might not have insight to traffic jams on I-70 or closed roads. Also, when you arrive to Red Rocks, you’ll notice there are multiple entrances. Each entrance has it’s own benefit. Some make the hike up to the venue a bit less painful, while others are great for tailgating. Let 420 friendly transportation make the decision for you, so you can just focus on smoking the rest of that blunt.


3. You can’t hot box an Uber

Since there aren’t many options for public transportation to Red Rocks, you might think you should use Uber or Lyft. But think again. Using Uber or Lyft will be pricey because of the distance of the trip, and you would face surge pricing when your event ends since everyone is attempting to leave simultaneously. Also you technically can’t hot box a stranger’s car and driving your own car while stoned is a really bad idea, especially in a place like Red Rocks, where cops are frequent visitors.

2. Traffic is a buzzkill

This is true of all cities and highways, but it is especially true at Red Rocks. The single-lane road in and out makes for long waits before and after shows. The high life hardly consists of the stop-and-go of bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you’re going to sit in traffic before or after the show, you might as well do so while lounging in an air conditioned, luxury limo bus, smoking a fat joint with your friends.

1. Because it’s Denver, Colorado

In a place like Denver, Colorado where you have the option of  taking 420 friendly transportation, why wouldn’t you? A 420 Friendly Denver party bus will allow you to commute safely while most people have to choose between driving stoned (risky and stupid) or not getting high (also stupid). Also, 420 friendly transportation allows you to truly enjoy the multitude of awesome dispensaries selling world-class cannabis, by being able to experience a stress and paranoia free concert at Red Rocks.

Not to sound like your Mom, but do you have any idea how lucky you are?

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