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Cannabis Tours Denver


We are dedicated to providing you the ultimate service, from your initial contact with our cannabis concierge, until the next time you plan your cannabis vacation. We create an everlasting memory!

Cannabis Tours Denver


The 1st company to pioneer cannabis tourism! For over four years, we have provided thousands of tours, accommodations, vacations, and premier cannabis experiences. We pride ourselves on our customer service, attention to detail, and providing guests with the cannabis experience of a lifetime.


Purchase An In-Room Cannabis Massage and Get Any Grow & Dispensary Tour For Only $39.

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Welcome to Colorado

The World’s Top Cannabis Destination

Colorado is known for its natural beauty, thriving cultural scene, breweries, restaurants, and amazing outdoor recreation–the Mile High City has the best of it all. My 420 Tours combines the best of the Denver and infuses it with the Cannabis Industry’s exclusive insider experiences! Learn About My 420 Tours →

Can’t Make It To Colorado? Take Our

Virtual cannabis tours

For the first time in history, you can go on an interactive virtual tour of state-of-the-art grow facilities, Denver’s best dispensaries and more! Experience the world of cannabis through the eyes of celebrity guests, industry experts, tour guides and tourists without leaving your couch. My 420 Tours welcomes you to the virtual experience of a lifetime.

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America’s Most Trusted Cannabis Tourism Company

My 420 Tours

The Premier Cultivator of Cannabis Experiences

My 420 Tours is the original and premier cannabis tourism company in the world. We have provided the ultimate cannabis experience to thousands of tourists, media, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. My 420 Tours has been featured in more than 1,000 news stories worldwide.

My 420 Tours News & Blog

Medical Marijuana Saves $165 Million for Medicare

Marijuana is a money-making industry, with dispensaries, tourism, and cannabis culture spreading across states like Colorado and Washington. Now that time has passed, some pretty empowering trends are starting to emerge in the data, particularly when it comes to the... read more

Patenting Cannabis Strains: The Future of Cannabis?

Currently, as it stands, if you sell a weed strain in a dispensary, it is fair game for some super weed nerd to try to grow something similar. However, the Cannabis Industry in Colorado is growing increasingly more sophisticated and patenting cannabis strains might... read more

Traveler Testimonial

“My 420 Tours is taking the Cannabis Tourism concept to the next level. Only the finest hotels, rooms, food and more. Everything was coordinated and planned to the T. I was very impressed that a Cannabis Tour company was so well run. Kudos to Mr. Walker and his incredible staff. All of my travel needs were completely taken care of before and after the trip.”

Craig, Houston TX
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Traveler Testimonial

“This past Saturday, I went on a “tour.” Honestly I never had so much fun in my life. I was lucky enough to meet some of the nicest people… including our tour guides.”

Kenneth, West Virginia
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Traveler Testimonial

“Just wanted to take a minute to send massive thanks to you and Robert from me and Mom for the most excellent weed weekend! We had such a great time on our visit to Colorado! You guys will forever be our favorite weed teachers on the most enlightening adventure we’ve ever taken.”

Katie, New York
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Traveler Testimonial

“I thought that the 420 tour was one of kind. It was educational, fun, and exciting. I met a lot of really nice people and each of the events were peaceful and awesome. Definitely recommend for the experience.”

Vinny, Florida
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Traveler Testimonial

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience on my WCW tour weekend. The staff made my first trip to Colorado one that I’ll never forget in all my years. Everyone was really nice and extremely helpful and accommodating. I will make it a point to make all my future Colorado trips centered around My 420 Tours. This is the single best way to experience 420 fun in Colorado!!!”

Tabby, North Carolina
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